How do we work

We are trying to make custom solution for every client or project. From the process of discussion and introduction to our clients and projects, we try to include specialists from different departments, so that we are most useful in achieving optimum results. Given our previous experience, we can group our projects and clients in three categories, as well as our contribution in their realization:

StartUp companies and projects

You get a reliable tech partner from the very beginning of the project

You get CTO level professional from the process of planing and design

We can develop a MVP for an optimal price and continue the development of the project

Corporate and business solutions

We can advice you when designing or integrating your software solutions

We can develop and integrate a full custom software solution

We can maintain and develop your software product in longterm

Outsourcing of IT services or whole company departments

We can make for you an outsourced IT department, managed by Flowminds

We can develop and support your software products in longterm

We can fill in the missing IT department in your company

We work in close partnership with recruitment agencies, universities and academies, which gives us access to the best specialists at any given time.